Barnaby Howarth joins Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to put on Give it a Crack – a night of fun to support mental health.

Thanks to Barnaby Howarth and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Give it a Crack – a night where people get on stage and try something they’re not sure they are going to be any good at – will be back in 2023 to support mental health. 

Inspired by Chris O’Brien Lifehouse’s integrated cancer care model – which is made up of compassionate, uncompromising and dignity-conserving care, done not only through clinical practice, but through the centre’s attitudes, behaviours and dialogue with patients, families & carers, Give it a Crack will try and help people who might be struggling BE better by helping them FEEL better. 

Barnaby is NOT a psychiatrist, a scientific researcher or a person with lived experience of a mental health challenge, but he has been dealt some bad hands over the years, and seen the health benefits of being surrounded by good people just giving life the best crack they can, so that is exactly what he will be doing at Give it a Crack in 2023. 

Give it a Crack will be brought to you by the Everyday Greatness podcast – Every guest from the first 5 seasons will be invited (including 2014 Australian of the year – Adam Goodes, ABC sports journalist – Tracey Holmes, Nova 96.9 breakfast host – Ryan Fitzgerald, Managing Director of the ARA group – Edward Federman, and founder of Thornleigh plumbing – David Dighton) 

There is no judging, prizes or scoring, just a chance for brave people to get up on stage and be seen and heard in a room full of good people. 

Come along and help support mental health by having a little bit of fun.