Has the fighting been worth it?

Today’s world is a beautiful place to live…and on season 6 of Everyday Greatness, former Sydney Swan Barnaby Howarth and order of Australia medalist Scott Gibbons will talk to some of the people who sacrificed, fought, risked their own personal successes and negotiated with some real tools to get us where we are today. From equality for LGBTQIA+ folks, to racism in Australia, and dealing with ruthlessness in the business world – season 6 of Everyday Greatness will be going deep. If you want to nourish your soul and hear some really interesting people talk about some really interesting issues who will help make you feel proud again of simply being a good, solid Joe Bag O’Doughnuts…season 6 of Everyday Greatness will have something for you.


Barnaby Howarth

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LGBTQIA+  A long road to equality

Just trying your hardest and being proud of yourself and trying to be a decent human being is often seen as not enough and is said to be “accepting second-best”, but that is largely what underpinned the “Blood’s Culture” at the Sydney Swans which led them to decades of unparalleled success–on this episode, Barnaby speaks to some of the people who made the Sydney Swans the success they are today.

Eleonor Rugg

Manda Hatter

Head of Operations and Founder & Chair ABC Pride – ABC

Steve Carfino

Cameron Nicholls


Cleaning the dirty racism water in Australia

Water sometimes gets dirty if it has been raining for a long time, so to clean the water you need to filter it for an equally long period of time – Sometimes it feels like it is harder to clean it than it was to make it dirty… And the same goes with racism in Australia – What has been a murky, grubby water supply for a long time has had a lot of good people trying to filter out the gunk… and today – while there are still dirty patches, some people say the water is getting clean enough to drink. On episode 2 of Everyday Greatness, we will see if the racism water in Australia is clear enough to drink yet.

Brett Kirk

Brett Kirk

Former Sydney Swans      co-captain

Steve Carfino

Waverley Stanley AM

Co-founder – Yalari – Offers indigenous youth scholarships at private schools


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace – is EVERYBODY’S voice being heard?

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace exists to help businesses tap into ALL of the power of EVERY employee, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Glass ceilings are being shattered in every industry by once quiet groups of people, but while EVERYBODY is getting opportunities these days, is EVERYBODY’S voice being heard? On episode 3 of Everyday Greatness, we will be talking about what value our guests have seen from employees whose voices previously haven’t been heard.

Eleonor Rugg

Victoria Park

Principal Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion – Symmetra

Steve Carfino

Karla Ranby

Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Music & Creative Development – ABC


Trying your hardest and being proud of yourself whether you win, lose, or draw as a young person

It sometimes feels today that to live a life you are proud of, you have to be the BEST – there is not a lot of pride any more, just trying your hardest and being proud of yourself. So how do we get the message across to kids today that it is okay just to give life the best crack they can? On episode four, we will speak to our guests about how we let the kids know that just trying your hardest is not laziness and doesn’t mean you are accepting mediocrity.

Eleonor Rugg

Fraser Corfield

Steve Carfino

Tristan Smith

Chief Executive Officer – Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum

Eleonor Rugg

Tony Regan

Senior Campus Learning Advisor – Mt Lilydale Mercy College

Steve Carfino

Annette Regan

ARL Student Counsellor
Whitefriars College &
Private therapist (individuals and couples), Victoria
Eleonor Rugg

Matt Cronin

Founding Director at
Pat Cronin Foundation Ltd.

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Being assertive without being pushy – finding good culture in business

Is culture in business different to culture in everyday life? When kids get to school do they talk about “maximising their output going forward”? And do sporting teammates sit in the change rooms before training and talk about “bringing their best selves to training by adopting a multi-step program which takes leaders on a quest of self-discovery”? Can’t we strive for the same thing in the workplace that we do in the real world? Or is just “not being a dick head” at work not enough? On episode 5 of Everyday Greatness we will find out if you can just be a good human being AND a successful business person, or if they are mutually exclusive.

Eleonor Rugg

Brendan Rogers

Host of “The Culture of Things” podcast

Eleonor Rugg

Paul Roos

Former Sydney Swans coach

Steve Carfino

Chris Tyrell

Chief Operating Officer of Tyrrell’s wines


People with disability adding REAL value to the world

Businesses used to hire people with disability because they thought it looked good for THEIR image, but now people with disability are being hired for the same reason as anybody else – because of the value THEY can bring to a company. On episode six of Everyday Greatness, we will be speaking with two young people with disability in the workforce about the value they bring to their employer, their friends and family and the world at large. People with disability in the workforce is no longer about the image of the business they work for… It is all about them.

Eleonor Rugg

Ellen Hester

Office Administrator,
Down Syndrome New South Wales

Steve Carfino

Jessica Horner

ABC Regional Storyteller Scholar, Photographer, Writer, Artist & Mental Health & Disability Advocate


Powerful Australians, who just happen to be women

Powerful Australians, who just happen to be women, have played a crucial role in reshaping their nation. Gone are the days when young girls had to question why they couldn’t pursue certain opportunities. Now, it’s widely accepted that they can explore a wide range of possibilities. In episode 8 of Everyday Greatness, we delve into the journeys of these pioneers to understand how their presence has opened the gates to limitless opportunities for Australian women.  

Eleonor Rugg

Julie Watson

Founder, “Stronger Than My Excuses” – a web TV panel discussion

Steve Carfino

Carolyn Wood-Watson

Former Sydney AFL coach

Eleonor Rugg

Amanda Farrugia

Retired GWS Giants AFLW captain

Steve Carfino

Thuay Giang

Volunteer Coordinator,
The Story Factory, Redfern