We All Have a Story To Tell

In season 2 of Everyday Greatness, we find that a lot of people underestimate themselves, but everybody’s story is worth telling – from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro after having a tumour removed from around your spine, to riding your bicycle across North America, or being a dad who has to help his son deal with leukaemia, then go to work as a stand-up comic…

We all have a story to tell.


Barnaby Howarth

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Giving back to the world – Corporate Social Responsibility

The ARA endowment fund supports community initiatives through generous sponsorship and support, and our guests talk about what it means to use business success to give back to the world and try and make it a better place.

Eleonor Rugg

Edward Federman

Managing Director at ARA Group

Steve Carfino

Mouche Phillips

Partnership Manager Byron Writers Festival

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The Intangible Benefits of Being a Good Person

In a world that feels like you have to be more ruthless and aggressive than everybody else to get ahead, it is good to know that there are still beautiful people out there with hearts the size of Phar Lap.

Steve Carfino

Fifi Hazzouri

Founder – Diabetes Alive

Eleonor Rugg

Mary Ibrahim

Emergency doctor


The rise of women’s sport around the world

Women’s sport is at a point today where young girls feel like being a professional sports person is no big deal, but for them to feel this way there was a revolutionary shift in mindset from professional sporting organizations like the Greater Western Sydney Giants– On this episode, Barnaby speaks to the CEO at Giants FC and the lady who the Giants best and fairest women’s footballer trophy is named after.

Eleonor Rugg

Gabrielle Trainor

Order of Australia Medalist
Chair at Construction Industry Culture Taskforce

Steve Carfino

David Matthews

CEO at Giants FC


Strong Dads in uncertain times

Dad’s should be a pillar of strength for their children no matter what struggles they face – one of today’s guests sons’ has leukaemia and the other’s daughter is diabetic, but both of these dads are showing the kids how to keep putting 1 foot in front of the other.

Eleonor Rugg

Andrew Barnett


Steve Carfino

Paul Lavings

Creative Director at Studio Blue Graphic Design