We All Have Greatness Inside Us

In season 1 of Everyday Greatness, host – Barnaby Howarth – finds that everyday people have more greatness inside and then they realise, and great people have a lot of plain, simple, ordinary everyday goodness inside them.


Barnaby Howarth

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The Bloods culture as a human being

Just trying your hardest and being proud of yourself and trying to be a decent human being is often seen as not enough and is said to be “accepting second-best”, but that is largely what underpinned the “Blood’s Culture” at the Sydney Swans which led them to decades of unparalleled success–on this episode, Barnaby speaks to some of the people who made the Sydney Swans the success they are today.

Eleonor Rugg

Jude Bolton

Played over 300 games for the Sydney Swans.

Steve Carfino

Sam Mostyn

First female AFL commissioner/Former Sydney Swans board member/worked with Paul Keating on Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in 2000.

President – Chief Executive Women. 

Eleonor Rugg

Richard Colless

Colles was Sydney Swans chairman from 1993 to 2014.

Director at Sarj Nominee.

Steve Carfino

Brett Rose

Former AFL footballer.

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Raising families helps raise communities

Taking pride in raising your child can help build resilience, strength and self belief and can give your child confidence to take on the world. In this episode our guests show that it doesn’t matter HOW you parent, but if you do it with love that is enough to be proud of the family you are a part of.

Eleonor Rugg

Nicole Chettle

Former ABC News presenter
Steve Carfino

Suzanne Hopman

Chief Executive Officer – Dignity (charity)
Eleonor Rugg

James Grabowski

Cameraman and editor at the ABC


Big things can happen when you take care of your family and neighbours

Simply loving your family, adding value to your community and making sacrifices for the people around you can change somebody’s life – all of the guests on this episode a testament to exactly that.

Eleonor Rugg

Dr Sayeed Khan

Steve Carfino

Sharon Gooding

Caitlin’s mum

Steve Carfino

Dr Kate Armstrong

President & Founder · CLAN (Caring & Living As Neighbours)

Eleonor Rugg

Caitlin Gooding

Diabetic singer and inspiring young lady

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We all add value to the world

It doesn’t matter whether you are known as an ultra successful person or not – if you adding goodness to the world you ARE making a difference.

Steve Carfino

Rowena McEvoy

Director MAX International Colleges

Eleonor Rugg

Gail Obrien

Order of Australia medalist and patient liaison officer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer treatment centre (Chris was her husband who died of a brain tumour)

Eleonor Rugg

Lay (Hayley) Hornitzki

Student Success and Campus Operations Manager at General Assembly

Steve Carfino

Kylene Anderson

Indigenous Strategies Project Officer at ABC


We all have a story to tell

A lot of people look like just an every day Harry Sack O’Rolls, but dig a little deeper and everybody’s story is worth telling. Today’s guests include Kokoda track leaders, a man who cycled across North America, a man who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro over 10 times after having a tumour removed from being wrapped around his spine and the most adventurous and bravest woman ever to appear on episode six of Everyday Greatness!

Eleonor Rugg

Hayley Talbot

Adventurer. Writer. Presenter. Owner of BLANC SPACE AGENCY

Steve Carfino

Matt Kershaw

Head of People Development, ANZ at Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited

Eleonor Rugg

Shane Moloney

Kokoda track leader for Kokoda Spirit

Steve Carfino

Sebastian Dixon

National Video Producer at ABC


The value of friendship

Being a good friend is more valuable than anybody could realise – having a mate by your side when things get tough is more valuable than anyone, single spectacular gesture of kindness. Guests on this episode have experienced firsthand what it is to BE a good friend but also to HAVE good friends around you.

Eleonor Rugg

Matt DeGroot

Newsreader for Nova radio

Steve Carfino

Jennifer Murko

Early Childhood Teacher and Advocate for Children

Eleonor Rugg

Alastair Richardson

Regional Sales Manager at Stryker


The value of old footy friendships

Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin are aboriginal AFL superstars who are also trying to make their way in modern Australia– On this episode Adam and Michael talk about how the “Bloods Culture” at the Sydney Swans helped them stay true to their aboriginal culture. Adam also reveals how it made him want to be a leader for the first time in his life.

Eleonor Rugg

Adam Goodes

2014 Australian of the year and AFL legend

Steve Carfino

Michael O’Loughlin

Managing Director & Founder ARA Indigenous Services


The value of old footy friendships

Old footy friendships can help give people happiness and purpose long after they retire from playing and they are watching their own kids run around. Guests on this episode have been around footy their whole lives and seen how the friendships they have made have helped the bad times feel less bad and the good times feel even better.

Eleonor Rugg

Ian Parker

Former Commercial Manager Cemetery & Crematoria at InvoCare Australia
Former Vice President at Pennant Hills Demons AFL Club

Steve Carfino

Troy Luff

Former Sydney Swans cult hero


Dealing with Diabetes

Diabetes sucks.
Our guests on today’s episode though show that you can still raise a family, be a cracking human being, a happy young kid or an AFL footballer – it is all a matter of attitude.

Eleonor Rugg

Amanda Silva

Hospital Specialist Representative

Steve Carfino

Josh Hateley

Young diabetic bloke

Eleonor Rugg

Phil McKeough

DANII foundation media scholarship recipient

Steve Carfino

Sam Reid

GWS Giants AFL player