Barnaby’s 100th & last AFL game

The day we all shed a tear.

For those of you who were at the ERN for Barnaby’s 100th you were part of an incredible day in the history of the Pennant Hills Football Club. All four teams were successful in winning, the Under 18s remain undefeated but Division 1, Division 4 and Premier Division won in very tight games.
The number of past players, friends, family, supporters and, sponsors who turned up to witness Barnaby Howarth play his 100th game AND kick two goals was amazing.

The guard of honor for him to run onto the ground was a sight to see. Barnaby has used a little journalistic licence in his match report but he is more than entitled to do so.

On behalf of PHAFC and the UFO (Unnamed Football Official) Fat man you are a legend and I am sure everyone would say thanks for the memories.

Pennant Hills AFL Club