A bit of grit and gumption is enough to find you success

Telling people they can get through any challenge in their life by using nothing more than a bit of grit, gumption, self belief and determination is a tough sell as a keynote speaker…most people want to be the BEST – and feel like if they aren’t, they have done something wrong and they have failed. 

The clients that have hired me for my next few speeches and the venues they have asked me to speak in makes it seem as though reminding people that just being a good, solid human being is enough to find success today. Those clients and venues are: 

ABC News

Internal “master class” on resilience.

Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum

School leadership camp at Yarramundi.

Northern Suburbs Football Association

End of season President’s dinner at Kirribilli Club (part of my “Power of the People Around You” community speaking tour – sponsored by Bamboo Haus)

North Sydney Council

Keynote speech to wrap up Council’s mental health week at North Sydney Oval.

Success can be found through an accumulation of small goodness put back into the world over a long period of time… and all of these clients are about to find out exactly how that happens. 

If you would like your staff to be reminded of the value of seeds of small goodness planted by them and the people around them, give me a call and let’s have a chat.