Barnaby Howarth – Giving life a Crack

Barnaby Howarth is travelling the world with his wife on their honeymoon while he gives his unique keynote speech about how being a decent human being can help guide you through any crisis life has to throw at you. He loves his life, his wife, his family, and his job – on face value, Barnaby is “living the dream.”

As his presentation reveals though, his life isn’t as “dreamy” as it sounds – Barnaby’s wife, Angela, is battling advanced breast cancer, and Barnaby himself is a diabetic, and at 25 he was bashed in an alcohol fuelled gang attack and had a stroke. He is now living the message he talks about – that using the science of positive psychology to break down big crises into smaller, more manageable disappointments, and not underestimating the value of just being a good, polite human being is something to hang your hat on.

A former AFL footballer for the Sydney Swans and a 2 time author, Barnaby has made 3 documentaries, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, walked the Kokoda track & is on a honeymoon world tour with his wife, filming a documentary on every leg of the trip, Barnaby knows what it takes to find resilience in the rain

He is not a business guru who’s going to push strategies on people he has no idea about, he’s just a real person telling a real story, and people walk away from his presentations with real tools to make them more resilient, happier people.